Vinyl Wraps & Large Format Printing~


Although vehicle vinyl wrapping has been around for some time now, it’s safe to say that in just recent years it has gotten the exposure that it deserves.  Deemed the best advertising technique for your dollar per impression, it is changing the way businesses market their company and services and reaching a wider demographic at just a one time cost.  What about the skilled professionals that apply these vinyl wraps and do the large format printing? Sounds like it may be tough job skills to acquire? Perhaps it’ not that hard though after all, and could be a lucrative new career path for those looking to change directions and do something creative and exciting!  We have a few pointers on how to successfully acquire vinyl wrapping & large format printing skills from first hand experts in the field from

What To Know To Achieve Top Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping Skills


  • large-format-printingSize Up The Vehicle First- It is important that you first take head on pictures from all sides of the vehicle without doing so at an angle.  Your goal is to get the exact impression of the auto as to incorporate curves, door handles, grooves etc. You must also take measurements of the actual vehicle.  Next you will use your chosen graphic design software to scale the image and according to the measurements taken. It is also very important to follow these steps so that you can account for any vehicle upgrades such as custom bumpers, grills etc. that will change the dimensions of just a standard digital image.
  • Communication & A Plan Of Action-  Have a sit down with your client and really go over graphic-design-skillswants, needs, and things not desired.  Understanding their vision of their design & wrap will help you better create the design accurately from the beginning.  Outlining your plan of action will also keep everyone on the same page from the get go so as not to waste time, money or materials on small setbacks or mis communications.
  • Bold & Simple-  When designing vehicle wraps less is more, and bold colors create awareness.  Your goal is to make the design stand out and catch the eye. Designs that are too busy and have a lot going on will lessen the awareness of the message at hand and the advertisement will get lost in the sea of cars passing buy.
  • Attention & Final Plan-  It is important that your design and image print catch people attention.  You have a short amount in time to get the consumer to engage and you want to leave a memorable imprint.  That being said it is important to get the final ok from the said client and make sure everything is looked over and approved before printing.  Once you print there is no turning back and the last thing you want is to have to start over. Large format printing isn’t exactly cheap and the ,materials used are valuable and should be wasted as little as possible.
  • vinyl-wrap-printingPractice, Practice, Practice!!!-  Large format and graphic design printing may come naturally to some of you and may perhaps be your “authentic” career path.  However, it is safe to say that practice makes perfect goes for everybody. The more you practice the better you become up sacli g designs and getting the print on target from the beginning.  Start with small models, golf carts, large metal scraps. Getting a feel for dimensions and aligning things correctly will go a long way!



Graphic Design and Vehicle Wraps may be a more challenging job skill to achieve, however if you are truly interested and can see it turning into a new career path why not give it a try.  Make it a hobby or something to do in your down time. Carl, from Discount Wraps, started as a server in a restaurant that enjoyed drawing in his free time.. He started out teaching himself and eventually took some classes in graphic design.  Nowadays he is a full time vinyl wrapper and a great one at that. He loves his job and is so glad he decided to explore a different career path. You can do anything you put your mind to, coupled with hard work and determination you have the tools to succeed!

Becoming a Notary Public

notary-publicMaybe you aren’t exactly looking to change jobs or embark on a new career journey.  Instead you are looking to acquire a set of new skills that can aid in securing a side job that will help supplement your income. There are many new skill sets you might learn when it comes to a “second” job, however what exactly will fit into your schedule as far as time dedicated to both learning these skills and performing said job once the skills are learned? We did our research and found that becoming a Notary Public is a great skill set to learn and can definitely be worked into most people’s busy schedules.  In fact one of the great things about becoming a Notary Public is not only do you make your own hours, you can also provide mobile services and the learning curve and time dedicated is pretty much based on your own level of commitment and pace! E have all the info for you so keep reading and find out the steps to becoming a Notary yourself!

Everything you Need To Know About Becoming A Notary Public

  • State Qualifications- Each state differs as far as specific qualifications needed and the amount of the state filing fee one must pay in order to become certified/qualified
  • General Criteria- In general most states require that the applicant is 18 years or older, is a legal resident and the person has no criminal record.
  • Background Checks- Some states require a background check of the individual or may choose to run on on the applicant if there is any record of a misdemeanor or past felony.
  • Supplies Needed-  All Notary Public must have certificates, seal for stamping certificates and a journal for recording notarizationsnotary-supplies.
  • Notary Training- States such as Colorado, California, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon & Pennsylvania require formal training.
  • Where To Aquire Training- You can contact the Secretary Of State’s office in your state to find a Notary Regulating Agency. Training is also usually offered at Local Community Colleges & the National Notary Association
  • Duration Of Training Course- Most courses are on average anywhere from 3-6 hours. If an exam must be taken(again depending on the state) the exam usually takes about an hour to complete.
  • All Criteria Met, How Long Does It Take To Become A Notary?- With training, exams, state filing fee/paperwork and time allotted for application approval, it generally is all said in done in about 7-9 weeks.
  • notary-sealBonded & Insured?- Once you have been established a s a Notary you will need to bond and insure yourself. Generally the type of bond you will need is called a Surety Bond.
  • How Long Does Your Notary Certification Last?- Once you have been approved by your state Notary commissions last for up to 4 years.


Becoming a Notary is not for everyone, however it is a simple and somewhat easy skill set to learn and become certified in.  Just make sure to stay organized, follow the guidelines set by your state, and record EVERYTHING!


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Greetings to all and WELCOME to our blog.  We have created this blog with the idea of a jack of all trades kind of feel.  Whether you are looking to change jobs, perhaps explore a new area of expertise, or simply see what kinds of different skill sets or jobs bring in on average, this blog is for you! WE hope to provide valuable content to all of our readers as well as offer insight and knowledge into the many different jobs and the criteria that must be met for each.  Get ready, you may just find a new direction in the workforce that better suits your needs both personally and financially. Our first post will be coming soon, so stay tuned! Cheers!